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The Principals of Good Web Design

Effective web design is not just about how pretty your site looks but by how easy it is to use.  Poorly designed websites will not do your business any favors, if your users can’t find the information they are looking for they are gone.  In today’s world you have less than 3 seconds to impress them or they will head over to a competitor.  Here are some of the principals of good web design.  It will not only make your site look good it will be easy to use, and engaging.


Your website should be designed for your visitors, are they there to find a recipe, information, to be entertained or to buy something.  Your site and every page on it needs to have a purpose that is immediately evident.


People have shorter attention spans than you probably realize, so get your message across clearly in easy to digest chunks.  Organize your information with short paragraphs broken up with lists and subheadings.  Cut the fluff out and make the site easy to understand at a glance.


Make it extremely easy for people to find what they are looking for and take action.  There is an unwritten “three click” rule, that means it shouldn’t take more than 3 clicks to find anything on your website.


Stick to 2 maybe 3 fonts, san serif fonts are easier on the eyes and make the size big enough for everyone to be able to read clearly.  A website filled with fine print and a mixture of fonts is too hard to focus on.


There is a whole science behind color choices that are meant to invoke certain feelings, using contrasting colors make the site look balanced.  Keep the really vibrant and eye catching colors for your calls to action and use them sparingly.  White space is your friend, it gives you a modern and uncluttered look.


Using images effectively can help you connect with your audience, if you don’t have your own high quality pictures and video to use there are plenty of places to purchase them.  Videos and infographics are far more effective at reaching your audience than a solid wall of text, no matter how well written it might be.


It is 2016 and there is no reason anyone should be looking at a spinning hourglass waiting for a page to load.  There are things that you can do to speed up your load time, optimize the images, fixing the code or using a content delivery network.  Slow load time is not only bad for the user but it can affect your rankings in Google.  Here is a video showing you how to improve your website speed.


At this point in time this should be a given.  If your website isn’t mobile friendly you need to address that now.  Not only has Google stated that they would penalize the sites that aren’t mobile friendly, there are now two separate indexes for mobile and desktop browsing.  Don’t ignore 60% of potential visitors over something as easy to fix as mobile design.

Creating websites that both look good and are fully functional isn’t that difficult as long as you keep the principals of good web design in mind.