Why Developers Choose WordPress

Since its launch more than a decade age WordPress has become the platform that web developers turn to when building client sites. While it may have started out as a blogging platform it is hands down the best content management system on the web. So it begs the question why do so many developers opt for the WordPress platform.

Why Developers Choose WordPress

1. Easy to use

It is a browser based platform so you can log into your site and make changes from anywhere, there are millions of plugins available to add function and features to your site. It is one of the simplest pieces of software to use with an easy to use interface and adding content takes no time at all.

2. Search Engines love it

The crawlers that search engines use to index sites find WordPress very easy to crawl. The backend code is clean and it allows for comprehensive search engine optimization. It has built in tags, descriptions and titles for everything to ensure targeted SEO.

3. Complete control of your site

You can update, alter, change your site as often as you want and as many times as you want. Once the developer builds the site for you, you can make the updates without having to rely on the developer.

4. No HTML and no FTP

WordPress is a self contained platform you can access from any browser, no more uploading files, no ftp software. You can create posts and pages easily without having to learn HTML.

5. Millions of themes to choose from

WordPress has a library of millions of themes to choose from, you can make any type of site you want with virtually any feature. It is an open source platform so developers are constantly coming up with new tools to use. The site is completely customizable and the sky really is the limit.

6. Improve functionality with plugins

Plugins allow you to do things like add Facebook feeds to your site, image galleries, calendars, subscription forms and a lot of them are free to use.

7. Scalability

WordPress is incredibly scalable, while you may not need tens of thousands of pages and posts built for your site, rest assured that WordPress can handle it, in fact it is so reliable that the Chicago Sun Times online edition is built using the WordPress platform. There are huge eCommerce sites with thousands of products that are built using WordPress, so rest assured that whatever your business needs are, WordPress can handle it.

These are just some of the reasons why developers choose WordPress, if you are having your site build by a developer and they aren’t using WordPress, you need to ask why.

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